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A Low-Carb Solution for the Whole Family: Kath Megaw’s Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children

Phillippa Cheifitz, Kath Megaw and Daisy Jones

Real Food - Healthy, Happy ChildrenSustained energy? Check. Reduced sugar cravings? Check. Improved concentration? Check.

Check-marks, too, for: increased health and vitality, enhanced athletic performance, longer and deeper sleep, improved digestion, strategies for fussy eaters, and helping your child reach and maintain a healthy body weight.

All these topics are addressed by South Africa’s leading paediatric dietician Kath Megaw in her upcoming book, Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children. Co-written with Daisy Jones, Phillippa Cheifitz and Jane-Anne Hobbs, and set to be released in August this year, the book offers a low-carb solution for the whole family – with recipes for moms, dads and kids of all ages.

Dieting, healthy habits, rules and regulations can be scary concepts for kids, and often tend to turn parents into drill sergeants. This is not what Real Food advocates. “Love is the most important ingredient. I’m confident I have the knowledge, experience and compassion to revolutionise your family’s eating habits for the better, for ever,” Megaw writes in a statement in the book. She has chosen to refer to her approach as “a love revolution” – bringing care back into kitchens around the country.

Megaw has been in private practice as a paediatrician for the past 15 years and has specialist experience in paediatric and special needs dietetics. Her greatest experience, however, comes from her own capacity as a mother – she has three children, all with their own unique personalities and needs. An expert in her field, Megaw is also Tim Noakes’ (Real Meal Revolution) go-to voice when it comes to advice concerning his own grandkids and their diets.

With the help of award-winning investigative journalist Jones (author of Star Fish, winner of the 2014 Sunday Times Best Cookbook of the Year) and highly respected cook Cheifitz (Lazy Days), Megaw marries practicality with warmth, science with common sense and the experience of a health care professional with the intuition of a mother. Her book answers the question, “What about the kids?”, where healthy eating and low-carb lifestyles are concerned.

During a sneak preview held at Tjing Tjing Torii in Cape Town this week, Megaw shared her thoughts behind, and intentions with, her new book – and explained why it fills the gap created by Real Meal Revolution and other Banting advocates where children are concerned.

Principles, Megaw explained, are very important in planning meals for families, as they are easy to remember and work around. Real Food tries to make nutritional principles as simple as humanly possible, via a set of five basic rules. These core concepts are all explained in Real Food and put into practice with easy, affordable recipes designed by Cheifitz. The principles are:

1. Eat living food (green-listed food, from nature)
2. Drink water
3. Let them eat fat
4. Ditch the wonder bread
5. No sugar

These five principles are designed for parents and speak to the nutritional side of a child’s development. “It’s a process, and a journey, and with each principle we give practical examples of how to go through this journey. We constantly say it’s not about all or nothing,” Megaw explained, placing emphasis on the fact that, when it comes to diets and kids, it can never be a 180-degree leap from one day to the next. Epilepsy, ADHD and other special needs diets are also addressed in her book.

Jones, meanwhile, was very happy – indeed very relieved – to hear that Megaw’s book was “not just about nutrition”, when they started working together. “Of course it isn’t!” she exclaimed. Real Food takes a holistic approach to kids lives. It looks at all the various developmental stages and asks at these different point: What is going on in their bodies? What is going on with their emotions? What’s going on with their sensory development and what are their tastes, desires and needs. “This is fascinating information and very empowering for parents,” Jones said.

The love revolution will start in August when Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children will be published.

Helené Prinsloo (@helenayp) tweeted live from the preview, using the hastags #RealFood and #Livebooks:


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