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Lifechanging Cookbook – The Low Carb Solution For Diabetics by Vickie de Beer and Kath Megaw – Launched

Vickie de Beer, Kath Megaw and Libby Doyle

The Low Carb Solution For DiabeticsThe Low Carb Solution For DiabeticsCooking low carb for a family is a challenge which is hard. Cooking low carb for a family every day is even harder.

This is something Vickie de Beer found after being introduced to The Real Meal Revolution, and she became a total zealot. Following the low carb high fat (LCHF) lifestyle was made even harder by the fact that her young son Luca is a type 1 diabetic. She had to ask herself, “How can I cut all the carbs from our diet if Luca is on a carb-counting regime because he needs insulin to survive?”

De Beer, a renowned food writer, started doing a lot of research, drawing from academic as well as social spheres. She made contact with a group in the USA that successfully follows a low-carb high-protein diet to manage blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetic children. This led her to a book titled Dr Bernstein’s Diabetic Solution, which would become the base of their family’s diet as well as this 2015 Sunday Times Food Weekly Cookbook Award-winning book of delicious recipes.

The Low Carb Solution for Diabetics is both a revolutionary living plan and a cookbook, offering hope to families coping with diabetes in the form of the ultimate reference book. De Beer not only shares her personal journey in managing this disease as a mother, but makes the medical facts attached to it accessible and easily understandable. The beautifully illustrated book was written in conjunction with Kath Megaw, South Africa’s leading paediatrician and author of Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children.

Vickie de BeerAt the launch, celebrated at the Leopard’s Leap harvest table with a cooking demonstration by De Beer, Megaw said that the idea of a low carb diet for diabetics shook everything the has been taught about diabetes. However, she is finding that more and more parents opt for this lifestyle and, looking at the immensely healthy impact it has on diabetics’ lives, she can fully understand why.

Anxiety plays a big role in a diabetic’s daily living, with stress related to fixing the highs and lows that are such a big part of the disease. “Young children live with this fear that anything can go wrong at any moment,” De Beer said, explaining how the low carb solution changed this fact for her family. Following this regime has allowed her son to function like a normal boy, giving him the freedom to go camping and do sleepovers and join in the fun at birthday parties.

Each recipe comes with measurements in grams and millilitres, and provides you with all the nutritional information you need to know. Together with Megaw, De Beer has created a green list with foods that are high in protein and low in carbs which will not affect blood sugar significantly as the glucose release will be steady and slow; the red list contains foods that are toxic or dangerous for diabetics and should be avoided if not restricted. These lists make shopping much easier as you can simply take them with you at the start until you memorise the food items.

The food philosophy shared in The Low Carb Solution for Diabetics is simple:

  • Cook and eat a low carb, high protein diet
  • Avoid processed or pre-made food because you do not know what’s in it
  • Cook from scratch and use natural flavourings – no packages or pre-mixes!
  • Don’t buy takeaways
  • Choose fibrous veggies
  • Limit snacks and fizzy drinks
  • Bake all breads, wraps and pizza bases yourself

“For us, the one thing that made this whole low carb thing possible, the moment when I thought, ‘okay, I can do this’, was when I started using this bread roll recipe,” De Beer said before demonstrating her recipe for the most amazing low carb buns. Her family gets together every weekend, usually on a Saturday, to do all the baking for the week to come. You can keep them in the fridge and heat the ones you want to use in the oven to give them a delicious crispy shell. The secret to this recipe is to use boiling water, not hot water, to activate the psyllium husks, and not to double the ingredients for bigger batches. Rather make the recipe, which is enough for 10 buns, twice.

Other recipes you can look forward to include nachos, wraps, pizzas, soups, ice cream, cakes, pasta dishes and many more delicious dishes that your kids will love without compromising their health.

What are you waiting for, go out and get your copy of The Low Carb Solution for Diabetics and try these recipes for yourself (you can find the buns on page 115).

Low Carb Buns


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Helené Prinsloo (@helenayp) tweeted live from the launch using the hashtag #livebooks:

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