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Host your own French feast with The Story Of A House: Fables And Feasts From La Creuzette

The Story Of A HouseDie storie van 'n huisQuivertree is proud to present The Story Of A House: Fables And Feasts From La Creuzette by Louis Jansen van Vuuren and Hardy Olivier:

It took 15 years to fully restore the impressive Château de la Creuzette to her former glory. She continues to rest in her shaded park, surrounded by centuries-old trees, and welcomes her expectant guests with open arms.

The highly successful Festive France caused great excitement among Francophiles, who loved the stories and delicious recipes from the French countryside. Now, the wealth of culinary delights that emerge from the new summer kitchen at La Creuzette are enough to make any gourmand’s mouth water. Apart from the almost 90 new recipes, which the authors have categorised according to five (yes, five!) seasons, there is an additional Crookbook in which the two hosts share their easy shortcut recipes and tips – how to conjure and connive when immediate action is needed. Here, every meal is transformed into a feast. Take a seat a beautifully set table and drink from fine crystal.

The Story of a House is not only two cookbooks in one, but also a richly adorned reading book that traces the history of a manor house and follows the story of its people.

Come inside, the doors are open …

The Story Of A House: Fables And Feasts From La Creuzette is also available in Afrikaans as Die storie van ‘n huis: Fabels en feeste van La Creuzette.

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The Real Meal Revolution Hits the Netherlands – Watch a Promo for De Real Meal Revolutie

The Real Meal RevolutionDie kosrevolusieThe Real Meal Revolution has hit the Netherlands!

The Dutch publisher (Uitgeverij Atlas Contact) of this incredibly successful book by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, David Grier, Jonno Proudfoot and Tudor Caradoc-Davies shared a beautiful promo video of De Real Meal Revolutie which will be out in March 2016.

In the video, Noakes briefly shares his own low-carb high-fat journey and talks about the diet in general, explaining why it undoubtedly offers the best option where food is concerned.

“Basically what this book says is eat real food. Stop eating processed foods. Limit carbohydrates, and learn how to cook,” Noakes explains. He also talks about the science behind it and addresses the popular low-fat diets, explaining why it is in fact wrong.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Have a look at the cover for De Real Meal Revolutie:

De Real Meal Revolutie

Book details

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“Ek het vrede gemaak met die psigopatiese trolle op Twitter” – Tim Noakes

Die kosrevolusieThe Real Meal RevolutionProfessor Tim Noakes se verhoor voor die Raad vir Gesondheidsberoepe het hierdie week plaas gevind. Alet Janse van Rensburg het vyf vrae aan die skrywer van Die kosrevolusie gestel oor die verhoor en die laekoolhidraat-hoëvet-dieet wat hy tot die dood toe sal verdedig.

“My ondersteuners is my helde,” het Noakes gesê. “Duisende mense bedank my. Dis wonderlik.”

Oor die kritiek wat hy soms op sosiale media beleef, het Noakes gesê: “Ek het vrede gemaak met die psigopatiese trolle op Twitter. Ek kan niks daaraan doen nie. Al waaroor ek spyt is, is dat daar nog nie ’n behoorlike debat oor die navorsing was nie.”

Lees die artikel:

5. Dit kos u derduisende rande om u in die Raad vir Gesondheidsberoepe (RGB) se verhoor te verdedig en tog praktiseer u nie as dokter en hoef u nie by die RGB geregistreer te wees nie. Waarom doen u dit?

Ek wens die verhoor kon vir twee weke voortduur, want dis die beste platform wat ek nog gehad het. Ek wil hê die Suid-Afrikaanse publiek moet besef al ons gesondheidsprobleme is aan ’n verkeerde dieet te wyte. Die mense wie se loopbane hiervan afhang, is te bang om dit te erken. Tensy ons erken dat ons verkeerd is, sal ons nooit ons probleme met vetsug en diabetes oplos nie. Ek is bereid om selfs meer geld te bestee as die verhoor langer moet aanhou.

Het jy nog nie van Banting of the LKHV-dieet gehoor nie? Waar was jy die afgelope paar jaar? Vir alles wat jy wil weet oor die Banting-eetplan, lees Netwerk24 se versameling van hul beste berigte:

‘Ek sal my kinders laat bant – van geboorte af’:

In die lig van die Banting-profeet prof. Tim Noakes se verhoor voor die Raad vir Gesondheidsberoepe van Suid-Afrika weens ’n omstrede twiet oor ’n laekoolhidraat-hoëvet-dieet vir babas, wou ons by ouers weet of hulle hul kinders sal toelaat om te ‘bant’. Die reaksie op sosiale media was grootliks positief – maar dié wat onder meer glo dis “onbybels” om jou van sekere kosse weg te hou, het ook van hulle laat hoor.



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Facing the Health Professions Council of SA, Tim Noakes Has No Regrets: “What I Said is Correct”

Tim Noakes

The Real Meal RevolutionDie kosrevolusieTim Noakes, the man behind the incredibly successful lifestyle book The Real Meal Revolution, is appearing before the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) after being charged with “unprofessional conduct” for a tweet advising a mother to “ween [sic] baby onto LCHF”.

This trial, however, does not upset Noakes. On the contrary – he is quite excited about the opportunity to present his evidence to the HPCSA and everyone else who might be listening. He does not regret sending the tweet and insists: “What I said is correct.”

“I have been waiting years for this case. It’s not just about me and giving unconventional evidence and advice. It’s about why are South Africans so unhealthy? Why are we getting more obese and [why are more people being diagnosed with] diabetes?

“Is it the nutritional advice we are being given? That’s the question I am going to be addressing,” the Banting advocate told News24‘s Tammy Petersen. She is reporting from the hearing which, according to Noakes, “is a very important event in the history of nutrition in SA”. The hearing continues today.

Read Petersen’s article after her interview with Noakes:

An upbeat and positive Tim Noakes on Monday said he was excited to appear before the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) after the body charged him with unprofessional conduct.

“I finally get the chance to present the evidence,” he said at a press conference during a break in proceedings.

“I am not invited to present the [low carb high fat diet] evidence to the South African community. I don’t get invited to talk at conferences on this topic.”

Follow the hashtag #NoakesHPCSA to stay up to date with the proceedings regarding the hearing:

Also read:

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All Blacks’ Rugby World Cup Win Ascribed to Low Carb, Healthy Fat Diet

The Real Meal RevolutionDie kosrevolusieWhile it is of course sad that the Springboks could not bring home the Web Ellis trophy after this year’s Rugby World Cup, it was difficult not to be impressed by the robust strength and obvious health of the All Black team that won in the end.

Their health, it has now been revealed, can be ascribed to a low carb, healthy fat (LCHF) diet – thus, a Banting lifestyle! In other words, their success is even further proof the the principles of The Real Meal Revolution (Die kosrevolusie in Afrikaans) by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, David Grier, Jonno Proudfoot and Tudor Caradoc-Davies really works.

The New Zealand team’s strength and conditioning coach Dr Nicholas Gill introduced the LCHF diet to the All Blacks after seeing the amazing results in his own lifestyle. “I’d say most professional sports teams are now at least low sugar, lower to low carb. That’s not always high fat, but its healthy fats. Nutrition for sport is really changing fast,” he told Grant Schofield of The Science of Human Potential. The Real Meal Revolution community celebrated this fact on their website, saying it’s “a great sign for the future of Banting.”

What are you waiting for? Join the Real Meal Revolution today!

Dr Nicholas Gill is a super high achiever. He’s extremely well qualified and credentialed in applied strength and conditioning. In Southern Hemisphere professional sport it doesn’t get any bigger than All Black’s rugby. He’s been with them as world champions and as the current world number 1 ranked team for the last four years.

Not only does he have it together academically (he supervises doctoral and master’s students at AUT), and professionally, but he also gives Ironman triathlon racing a crack. He’s pretty competitive and does it all fat-adapted on LCHF.

Anyone would agree that the All Blacks’ performance in the Rugby World Cup was amazing – they worked together like a well-oiled machine. And now it has come to light, under the influence of strength and conditioning coach, Dr Nicholas Gill, that it was in fact a coconut-oiled-machine.

Dr Nic Gill is on a LCHF diet himself – and has even done his last two Ironman challenges fat adapted, while eating some carbs during the events.

He started experimenting with his diet two and a half years ago and what he discovered was that he was eating more out of habit than hunger; the principles he was experimenting with were based on the Paleo diet.

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Rumours of Death by Bacon are Exaggerated: Tim Noakes Comments on WHO’s Cancer Warning

The Real Meal RevolutionDie kosrevolusieTim Noakes, author of The Real Meal Revolution (Afrikaans: Die kosrevolusie) and advocate of the LCHF diet, has called the World Health Organisation’s declaration that bacon causes cancer “scaremongering”.

Noakes took a closer look at the numbers put out by WHO, and how the risk of eating processed meats like bacon and sausages have been sensationalised and exaggerated.

Lisa Isaacs wrote an article about the issue for Cape Times after interviewing Noakes:

Noakes said the study had merely selected one factor which could contribute to increasing the risk of cancer.

“There are many other factors to take into account like a lack of exercise or if a person has diabetes. But bacon causing cancer? There is no evidence of that,” he said.

He added that bacon raises lifetime colon cancer risk from five to six percent and avoiding bacon would save one person out of 100 people who eat the meat.

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“Ek is nie ’n sjef nie, en ek is bitter bly ek is nie ’n sjef nie” – Barbara Joubert

KostalgieBarbara Joubert was vroeër in September die eerste gasspreker tydens die US Woordfees se nuwe leeskring-inisiatief – boekgesprekke wat dwarsdeur die jaar in Stellenbosch sal plaasvind, nie net tydens die fees nie. Sy het met Madri Victor gesels oor haar nuwe kookboek, Kostalgie, en meer vertel oor die geure van haar lewe wat hierin opgeteken is.

Tydens die boekgesprek vertel Joubert hoe sy in die kosbedryf beland het, hoe sy en Micky Hoyle (fotograaf en uitgewer van Kostalgie) ontmoet het en sy deel haar kosbaarste kos-herinneringe en gunsteling resepte. Sy deel ook verskeie wenke vir diegene wat nie selfvertroue het in die kombuis nie en gesels oor haar werk by Sarie waar sy steeds kosredakteur is.

“Ek is nie ‘n sjef nie, en ek is bitter bly ek is nie ‘n sjef nie,” sê Joubert en verduidelik dat sy dit geniet om in die kombuis te eksperimenteer eerder as om streng volgens reëls te werk. Sy hou vol dat “as jy kan lees, kan jy kook” en verduidelik dat jy net jou bestandele moet leer ken, dan sal alles oraait wees.

Kyk na die video vir meer oor Kostalgie:

YouTube Preview Image

Probeer Joubert se heerlike Sondagresep vir lamsboud met brood-en-uievulsel en lees haar artikel oor die lekkerste Sondagete:

Jy het nodig:

1 x 2 kg-lamsboud
8-10 klein uitjies
4 groot aartappels, geskil en in lengte gehalveer
1 groot blomkool, in groot stukke gebreek

Vir die vulsel:

4 snye witbrood
125 g botter
2 uie, fyngekap
3 knoffelhuisies, fyngekap
15 g pietersielie, fyngekap
sowat 80 ml olyfolie
100 ml worcestersous
sap van 1 suurlemoen
sout en varsgemaalde swartpeper


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Be a Banting Braai Boffin with these Real Meal Revolution Tips and Recipes

The Real Meal RevolutionDie kosrevolusieOn 24 September South Africans will gather to celebrate Heritage Day, also known as Braai Day.

The wonderful people behind the bestselling LCHF cookbook The Real Meal Revolution (Die kosrevolusie in Afrikaans) have shared their top tips for banters who want to braai – “quality meat, a decent set of tongs, coals at the perfect temperature and great Banting side dishes!” – and have complemented them with tips on how to select and cook one of their favourite braai meats, steak. They also share some creative lip-smacking ideas for banting braai sides to enjoy tomorrow.

Read the article for some delicious recipes, including Aubergine Braaibroodjies and Cauli “Potato” Salad:

Banting Braai sides:

There is no such thing as a boring Banting braai!

Garlic, cheesey black mushrooms: Place a single large black mushroom on a square of tin foil, add garlic, butter, seasoning and cheese, seal the parcel and place on the braai until the cheese has melted and the mushroom is cooked.

Cauli “potato” salad: replaced the potato for cauliflower in your favourite potato salad recipe. We love adding boiled egg and spring onion. Remember to make your own mayo using healthy oils.

Sweet potato bake: A braai is not complete without a potato bake. Replace the potatoes with sliced sweet potatoes and add cream, mushrooms, onion, mustard and season with salt and pepper.

Aubergine braai broodjies: The good old braai broodjie gets a revamp as the bread is replaced with 2 thick slices of aubergine. Lay one slice on a square of tin foil and top with tomato, onion and cheese and season to taste. Place the other aubergine slice on and fold up the parcel. Put on the braai until the aubergine is cooked through. Remove the tin foil to allow the aubergine to get some authentic braai marks.

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“Dis SLIM om te leer en te leef in jou taal”: Reuben Riffel oor wat Afrikaans vir hom beteken (Video)

“Ek het grootgeword in Afrikaans. My ouers, my vriende en al my familie om my was Afrikaans. Ek is nou in ‘n interessante wêreld van kosmaak waar ek verskillende mense van regoor die wêreld ontmoet, maar ek kan onthou een van die beste komplimente wat ek nog ooit gekry het, het ek gekry in Afrikaans.”

Braai: Reuben on FireReuben Cooks LocalReuben Cooks

Só het die bekende kok en MasterChef SA-beoordelaar Reuben Riffel onlangs vertel in ‘n video vir AfriForum se SLIM-veldtog vir die bevordering van moedertaalonderrig.

In die video vertel Riffel wat Afrikaans vir hom beteken: “Ek droom nog steeds in Afrikaans, ek dink ek kook in Afrikaans en ek voel ek leef my kultuur net soveel beter uit in Afrikaans.”

“Dis SLIM om te leer en te leef in jou taal.”

Kyk na die video:



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Kom luister na Madri Victor en Barbara Joubert se gesprek oor Kostalgie in Stellenbosch

Die US-Woordfees loods hierdie week ‘n splinternuwe toevoeging tot die program: ‘n Eie leeskring!

Kostalgie: Geure van my leweDie eerste skrywer wat tentoongestel gaan word is Barbara Joubert, wie se ongelooflike Kostalgie pas by Quivertree verskyn het.

Joubert roem haar daarop dat sy `n nuwe gereg kan proe voordat sy hom maak. Kostalgie is `n nostalgiese reis deur lande soos Portugal, Frankryk en Brittanje, maar ook die Karoo-kombuis van haar jeug.

Kom kuier saam met haar en Madri Victor en gesels kosstories op Vrydag, 18 September om 10:00. Die geleentheid vind by Weltevreden, langs Welgevonden-landgoed, plaas . Kaartjies kos R60 en sluit tee en eetgoed in.

Sien jou daar!


  • Datum: Vrydag, 18 September 2015
  • Tyd: 10:00
  • Plek: Weltevreden, Welgevondenlaan
    Stellenbosch | Padkaart
  • Gespreksgenoot: Madri Victor
  • Verversings: Tee en eetgoed
  • Koste: R60
  • Koop kaartjies: Computicket

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