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Three recipes from local Gourmand-acclaimed cookbooks

What do Ruth Jeftha, Mimi Jardim and Mpho Tshukudu have in common? These talented chefs have an unparalleled passion for food which has not gone unnoticed by the international culinary scene.

As recent recipients of the prestigious Gourman World Cookbook Awards they have both skill and style.

Take a sneak peek at a few of the recipes which appear in the acclaimed chefs books…

Huis Kombuis – The Food of District Six
Editor: Tina Smith
Contributor: Ruth Jeftha



On a Sunday, my mother baked our favourite raisin loaf that I shared with a friend. She baked it in an iron pot placed downstairs over hot coals. We bought the raisins at Wellington Fruit Growers because they were fresher and cheaper than at the babbie shops. After school on Mondays, my friend Audrey would come over for raisin loaf. She thought it was good enough to eat without butter but I ate it with butter.

For a small loaf
220 g cake flour
¼ teaspoon sugar
¼ teaspoon salt
1 egg
½ cup milk, luke warm
1 cup raisins
¾ sachet dry yeast
Butter for greasing
Prepare the dough by mixing all the ingredients, except butter, in a dish. Using lukewarm milk, knead until all ingredients are well combined. Cover with a cloth and let it rise.
Preheat the oven to 180°C. Grease the bread tin with butter and spread dough evenly into the bread tin. Give it a little time to rise. Bake for 50–55 minutes until the bread is golden brown. Cool on a rack.


My Portuguese Feast
Mimi Jardim

Serves 4–6

Piri-piri chicken is Portugal’s gift to the world and my husband Augusto passed on this gift to his children. My son Raymond then continued the tradition by adding flavours of his own, depending on which country he is visiting. My grandson Marco is next in line…

1 medium-sized (1–1,2 kg) chicken salt, to taste pepper, to taste
100g soft butter
whole piri-piri chillies, crushed (use 3–5 chillies for medium or 5–10 for hot)
10ml lemon juice
2–4 cloves garlic, crushed
5ml paprika
12,5ml olive oil
sprigs of rosemary and thyme tied together to form a brush

2 cloves garlic
20ml butter (plus 12,5ml olive oil, optional)
piri-piri chillies
(or peri-peri sauce), to taste juice of half a lemon
5ml chopped parsley

Rinse and dry the chicken and spatchcock it (cut it open through the back and flatten it). Cut slashes into the flesh of the thick parts of the chicken.

Make a paste of the remaining ingredients (other than the rosemary and thyme, and the sauce ingredients) and rub it over the inside and outside of the chicken. Allow to marinate for 2 hours. Grill or braai the chicken, turning regularly and using the rosemary and thyme brush to baste it with the marinade/paste every time it is turned. Serve with the sauce.

To make the sauce, fry the garlic cloves in the butter. Add the piri-piri chillies or sauce, lemon juice and parsley. Remove the garlic and serve.


Eat Ting – Lose Weight, Gain Health, Find Yourself
Mpho Tshukudu, Anna Trapido

Makes 10

1½ cups fine sorghum meal
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1 tsp brown sugar pinch of salt
1 egg
2 tbsp melted butter
1 cup amasi (soured milk)

Combine all the dry ingredients in one bowl and the wet ingredients in another. Mix wet into dry. Lightly grease a frying pan and heat to a medium heat. Drop spoonfuls of batter into the pan. When bubbles form on the visible top side and the mixture no longer looks runny, turn the flapjack and cook through (about 3 minutes per side). Make sure to cook the first side for 3 minutes because if you try to flip the flapjacks before then, they will crack in the middle.

We have served the flapjacks with wild sour figs and amasi (soured milk) curd cheese but sugar-free jam and crushed nuts are also delicious. Have
a cup of unsweetened rooibos tea with it too.

These flapjacks are delectable and you will be tempted to eat too many. They are filling and you do not need more than two to feel full from breakfast to lunchtime.

GI is lowered by amasi, butter and eggs. Allergens: egg and dairy.


Huis Kombuis

Book details


My Portuguese Feast


Eat Ting


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See Inside The Low-Carb Solution For Diabetics by Vickie de Beer and Kath Megaw for Diabetes Awareness Month

The Low-Carb Solution For DiabeticsThe Low-Carb Solution For Diabetics by Vickie de Beer and Kath Megaw equips families with effective systems and day-to-day strategies for practically dealing with diabetes. This manual for families living with diabetes is a great buy, especially considering that November is Diabetes Awareness Month.

When De Beer’s son Lucca was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes after being admitted to ICU, her busy life as a food writer, stylist and mother was shaken up. This book, developed with paediatric dietician Kath Megaw, is the result of her research about the best way for her son and the rest of the family to eat.

In the book, De Beer writes “We cook and eat normal, everyday food.” It just takes some planning and time-saving strategy to make avoiding processed foods possible.

A sample of the book is available on the Quivertree website. It includes the diabetic’s survival kit, a straight-forward food philosophy, practical advice for parents, a recipe for Mozzarella Pizza and an explanation of the low-carb diet for diabetics.

Read a sample of the book:


Book details

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Uittreksel uit Kostalgie – Geure van my lewe deur Barbara Joubert: Twee resepte en pragfoto’s

KostalgieBarbara Joubert se langverwagte nuwe kookboek – Kostalgie: Geure van my lewehet pas op Quivertree se rakke verskyn.

Met hierdie boek neem Joubert lesers op ‘n nostalgiese reis deur haar eie lewe en kyk sy terug na die geregte, kombuise, bestanddele en landskappe wat haar liefde vir kosmaak oor die afgelope dertig jaar aangewakker het.

As lusmaker vir hierdie pragboek bied ons vir jou ‘n paar foto’s en twee resepte uit Kostalgie. Probeer gerus haar malvapoeding op die Franse manier en soufflé met Springbokbiltong en cheddarkaas:

Uittreksel uit Kostalgie deur Barbara Joubert



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Jenna Lowe’s Story in Her Own Words – An Excerpt from 21 at 21 by Melanie Verwoerd and Sonwabiso Ngcowa

21 at 21City Press recently shared the story of Jenna Lowe, excerpted from 21 at 21: The Coming of Age of a Nation by Melanie Verwoerd and Sonwabiso Ngcowa.

At the age of 16, Lowe learned that she had pulmonary hypertension, and would need a lung transplant to survive it. She started the “Get Me to 21” campaign to raise awareness about the need for organ donors.

Unfortunately, Lowe passed away shortly before her 21st birthday. The authors of 21 at 21 say that few people have touched them “as deeply as Jenna Lowe did”. They considered interviewing her a great privilege.

The book shares Lowe’s story in her own words:

“I was born in Cape Town and, since I was three years old, we have lived in this house. As a child I was a real girly girl – obsessed with pink. From grades 1 to 12, I was at Herschel Girls’ School in Claremont, Cape Town. I loved it there! But I was a little bit of a nerd. I was obsessed with reading and getting As for everything.

“However, in Grade 9, at the age of 16, I started feeling breathless when exercising. At first, I thought I was just really unfit, so I upped my exercise regime. But then it got worse and we got to the point where we realised something was wrong. My family started to call me Darth Vader, because I started to breathe just a little too loudly. All the tests and X-rays showed no abnormalities.

Book details

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Try the Chocolate Fat Shake and Two Other Recipes from The Real Meal Revolution

The Real Meal RevolutionDie kosrevolusieAerodrome has shared a mouthwatering trio of recipes from The Real Meal Revolution by Tim Noakes, Sally-Ann Creed, David Grier, Jonno Proudfoot and Tudor Caradoc-Davies (available in Afrikaans as Die kosrevolusie).

The recipes for Chocolate Fat Shakes; Bacon, Asparagus and Soft-boiled Eggs; and Chermoula Chicken Kebabs with Dukkha Yoghurt, will inspire and enliven your LCHF lifestyle.

The Chocolate Fat Shake, the authors say, is the first dish that really changed their minds about the importance of fats in a person’s diet.

Try the recipe:

150ml full-cream milk
50g butter
50ml cream
200ml coconut cream
1 tbsp sugar-free hot chocolate
1/4 tsp salt

Book details

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Cook Fancy French Steak with a Recipe from A Year at Silwood by Alicia and Carrianne Wilkinson

A Year at SilwoodVicki Smith has written a blog post about A Year at Silwood: Recipes from South Africa’s first cookery school by Alicia and Carrianne Wilkinson, sharing what you can expect to find in this book chronicling the history and recipes of South Africa’s oldest cookery school.

Smith also shares a recipe and explains why she chose this specific one: “My favourite dish in the book, based solely on image to saliva production ratio, is Lesley’s Steak au Poivre. It combines 3 of my favourite things: meat, alcohol and starting small fires. Or as the French call it, flambé!”

The recipe is incredibly easy to follow and promises to captivate all your senses. Try the Silwood School of Cookery Pepper Steak recipe:

Lesley’s Steak au Poivre

Serves 4

50ml whole black peppercorns • 4 x 180g fillet or entrecote steaks, 2½cm thick • oil • sea salt, to taste

For the sauce: 50g butter • 15ml treacle sugar • 30ml brandy • 65ml port or red wine • 150ml beef stock • 160ml cream • sea salt, to taste

Book details

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Find out More About Africanismo: Interior Inspiration from Southern Africa by Siobhan Gunning

AfricanismoAfricanismo: Interior Inspiration from Southern Africa by Siobhan Gunning celebrates the creativity and ingenious resourcefulness borne out of our continent, presenting the reader with an embrace of the spirits of all those who live in southern Africa and the creativity the region inspires.

“There are loads of adjectives that can be used to describe Southern African design in all it’s forms. Resourceful, diverse, creative, inventive, ingenious. Africanismo focuses on interiors in Southern Africa and what struck me most while paging through the book was the diversity,” art worker Vicki Smith writes about this new book.

View photographs from Africanismo and read more about what the author and photographer Craig Fraser captured between the beautiful bright covers:


Of course, Africa is known for it’s ingenuity. This has been proven time and time again by many a Land Rover that has broken down in the middle of nowhere, only to have a local “mechanic” create a substitute car part out of a wire coat-hanger and some gum MacGuyver style and wave them on as they continue their journey. This creativeness and inventiveness abounds in the more rural areas where people use the materials most readily available to them, making for a unique and beautiful aesthetic.

Book details

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Flummoxed by the “Finishing Touch”: The Story of a Haircut from India: Lost & Found by David Grier

India: Lost & FoundIn India: Lost & Found: Madcap Adventures David Grier shares the story of the epic adventure of running the entire length of India.

Tudor Caradoc-Davies, who shared an excerpt in a recent blog post, says that the book gives an amazing sense of the “incredible country’s otherworldly feel.”

Everything in India is an experience. Grier found that in the city of Rajasthan even a simple hair cut is a memorable event.

Reading the excerpt:

He’ll finish shaving you, you sit back to admire how good-looking you are and the next minute this guy klaps you from this side, slaps you from that side and attempts twist your neck off, before raising his hands in the air as if he’s just tied up a steer in record time. That’s the finishing touch.

Book details

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Prevent Crime with Natural Burglar Bars: Excerpt from Marijke Honig’s Indigenous Plant Palettes

Indigenous Plant PalettesVisi recently shared an extract from acclaimed landscape designer Marijke Honig’s book, Indigenous Plant Palettes: a guide to plant selection.

Indigenous Plant Palettes, which was launched at the Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden late last year, is a practical how-to guide for creating your dream garden using local plants.

Plants are not only for beauty, some of them can protect you and your family from trespassers. Read the extract for Honig’s hands-on advice on plants that provide “green armour” for your home:

There are a number of plants with “green armour” – sharp thorns, hooks or spines – that are natural burglar deterrents. If you’ve brushed past any of these, you will know what I mean! Prickly planting is an excellent way to discourage opportunistic crime. Indigenous plants can provide a beautiful but secure barrier that is also a safe haven for wildlife. This palette of plants offers a natural and attractive way to improve security around your property, and add colour and variety at the same time.

Book details

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A Life Digested, Memory Against Forgetting and More: Have a Sneak Peek at Quivertree Publications

A number of exciting titles have been published by Quivertree over the past few months, covering a range of topics. Have a look at some of these publications by taking a sneak peek inside four of our books:


* * * * * * * *


India: Lost & Found

‘Good luck, my friend.’ Simple words said in passing by a holy man to David Grier on the streets of Mumbai. Grier didn’t know the man; he hardly saw him, in fact, but that encounter was a sign that the madcap idea he was investigating – whether or not it was, in fact, possible to run the length of India – was something he had to do.

With his hardy yet comical crew, he set off to run from the northernmost Hindu temple in the Himalayan foothills of Kashmir right down to the southern tip of India. Through mountain ranges and across rich farmlands and forests; dodging traffic, battling through smog-choked cities and across desert salt plains; fjording rivers and running (unwittingly) through a tiger sanctuary, they ran and ran. Armed with GPSs, maps and helpful directions, they got lost in India.

But through its beauty, its heaving masses and the remarkable resilience of its people, they found themselves, 93 days and 4008 km later, emerging a whole lot wiser at their journey’s end.

Take a look India: Lost and Found:


* * * * * * * *


A Year at Silwood

From the whisper of chiffon cakes and a classic crème Anglaise to the more challenging exam dishes of confit duck and chicken terrine, a year in the world of a Silwood student is revealed.

Alongside the outstanding recipes, principal Alicia Wilkinson and Michael Olivier’s words on the history, character and heritage of the school weave a memorable old Cape story.

The cooking is based on the French classical style. There is an understanding that the French have total respect for food, that both plated offerings and their ingredients should be real and natural, and that fruit and vegetables should be served fresh, when they are in season, and cooked simply and properly.

Take a look at A Year at Silwood:


* * * * * * * *


Memory Against Forgetting

The work of Ranjith Kally: A photographic journey through both sides of South Africa’s history.

“Ranjith’s work is extraordinary, I found it very warm, a breath of fresh air that, over a long period, has retained particular senses and values”

He captured iconic scenes, such as his portrait Umkumbane, which has come to symbolise the shimmering jazz age of African townships in the 1950s. When Miriam Makeba returned to Maseru, Lesotho, for a concert for black South Africans at the height of apartheid, Kally too ventured to Lesotho and returned home with a remarkable image of an exiled singer poised between joy and heartbreak. And in a series of unflinching portraits, he documented with probity the horror of the forced removals in Natal. In short, the wider appreciation of his contribution to our struggle for dignity needs to remembered and fully embraced for current South Africans intent on honouring their past.

Take a look at Memory Against Forgetting:


* * * * * * * *


A Life Digested

A Life Digested charts a path through Pete’s culinary experiences from his early amorous endeavors to his take on tricky customers, picky eaters and the top restaurants he has run, worked in and dined at over the years. Each chapter is driven by stories he has written which revolve around what Pete finds most important as a cook. Rather than a typical anthology of starters, main courses and desserts, A Life Digested is a book that needs to be read and savoured, just as you would his food.

Part memoir, part cookbook, loaded with funny anecdotes of his own cheffing adventures, epic meals, formative influences, pet peeves and packed with some of his most cherished recipes, A Life Digested is a fantastic look into the life of one of South Africa’s favourite chefs.

– Perfect for anyone who appreciates food – from the home cook who will value Pete’s emphasis on the importance of simplicity, to the braaimaster thinking of taking his skills indoors, fans of MasterChef, industry insiders. Anyone who cooks …

Take a look A Life Digested:

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