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HPCSA vs Tim Noakes hearing resumes, could it be a simple ‘game of cat ’n mouse’?

Tim Noakes

The Real Meal RevolutionDie kosrevolusieThe hearing in which The Real Meal Revolution author Tim Noakes has been charged with “unprofessional conduct” by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) has resumed. It was postponed in November last year.

In an article for BizNews, Marika Sboros summarised the first day of the hearing, arguing why it is becoming more and more apparent that the HPCSA have engaged in “a cat ‘n mouse game” to discredit Noakes. She writes: “Johannesburg advocate Michael van der Nest SC presented evidence to this effect to the HPCSA independent Professional Conduct Committee chaired by Pretoria advocate Joan Adams that is hearing the charge against Noakes.”

Read the article to get up to speed with the so-called “Banting trial” and follow the proceedings on Twitter:

Tim Noakes ‘trial’: did HPCSA set him up in a cat ‘n mouse game?

You couldn’t make this up unless you were smoking something: after revelations of ‘trial by ambush’ and secret reports comes the news that professors of bioethics, surgery and psychiatry exercising a statutory function for the Health Professions Council of SA (HPCSA) may have shown dedication beyond the call of duty to ensure that Prof Tim Noakes was charged and that the hearing against him succeeds. The HPCSA went straight into total denial mode, even contradicting a written instruction by its own registrar in an apparent spin on a cat and mouse game of gross irregularities on the part of one of its committees involved in charging Noakes. Here’s what happened on the first day of the hearing that resumed in Cape Town on February 8 and that grows stranger by the day.


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Host your own French feast with The Story Of A House: Fables And Feasts From La Creuzette

The Story Of A HouseDie storie van 'n huisQuivertree is proud to present The Story Of A House: Fables And Feasts From La Creuzette by Louis Jansen van Vuuren and Hardy Olivier:

It took 15 years to fully restore the impressive Château de la Creuzette to her former glory. She continues to rest in her shaded park, surrounded by centuries-old trees, and welcomes her expectant guests with open arms.

The highly successful Festive France caused great excitement among Francophiles, who loved the stories and delicious recipes from the French countryside. Now, the wealth of culinary delights that emerge from the new summer kitchen at La Creuzette are enough to make any gourmand’s mouth water. Apart from the almost 90 new recipes, which the authors have categorised according to five (yes, five!) seasons, there is an additional Crookbook in which the two hosts share their easy shortcut recipes and tips – how to conjure and connive when immediate action is needed. Here, every meal is transformed into a feast. Take a seat a beautifully set table and drink from fine crystal.

The Story of a House is not only two cookbooks in one, but also a richly adorned reading book that traces the history of a manor house and follows the story of its people.

Come inside, the doors are open …

The Story Of A House: Fables And Feasts From La Creuzette is also available in Afrikaans as Die storie van ‘n huis: Fabels en feeste van La Creuzette.

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Lewis Blackwell wins 2015 American Photo Best Photobook of the Year: Documentary

The Life and Love of the Sea

Lewis Blackwell has won the 2015 American Photo Best Photobook of the Year: Documentary award; the second time in a row he has won this prize.

Blackwell’s books are distributed locally by Quivertree.

In their comments, the judges praise Blackwell for his curatorship and the “oceanic fashion” in which The Life and Love of the Sea, the winning book, was put together:

In his usual oceanic fashion, Lewis Blackwell takes his photographic curatorship into the deep here, collecting work by various photographers (including Art Wolfe, Laurie Campbell and Paul Nicklen) in a vast survey ranging from bug-eyed closeups to sweeping overviews. The text balances poetic swooning with concerned environmentalism. “Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is ocean,” novelist Haruki Murakami is quoted. “All we can see of it with the naked eye is the surface: the skin. We hardly know anything about what’s underneath the skin.”

Watch the beautiful trailer for The Life and Love of the Sea:

YouTube Preview Image


About the book

How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean. The latest in the bestselling ‘Life and love of’ series by Lewis Blackwell. Since time immemorial, humans have been captivated by water. No wonder: It’s the most omnipresent substance on Earth and without it life itself would be impossible. From the plankton that provide more than half of our planet’s oxygen to the blue whale, life in the ocean greatly affects life on land and plays a crucial role in regulating our climate and atmosphere. Combining images from world’s leading marine and nature photographers, and the latest in underwater photography techniques, the bestselling author of The life & love of trees and Rainforest, Lewis Blackwell, explores our innate relationship with the sea – from when our ancestors first emerged from the primordial soup to the sophisticated marine farming industry of today – and why our future depends on preserving and protecting our planet’s single biggest ecosystem.

About the author

Lewis Blackwell has worked as a leading author, editor, and creative director in photography, winning international recognition for his talks, exhibitions, and books. Blackwell is the author of the bestselling The Life & Love of Trees, The Life & Love of Cats, The Life & Love of Dogs, and Rainforest. He was for many years the creative head of Getty Images, the world’s largest photographic agency, and now combines his work in the photographic industry.

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Lifechanging Cookbook – The Low Carb Solution For Diabetics by Vickie de Beer and Kath Megaw – Launched

Vickie de Beer, Kath Megaw and Libby Doyle

The Low Carb Solution For DiabeticsThe Low Carb Solution For DiabeticsCooking low carb for a family is a challenge which is hard. Cooking low carb for a family every day is even harder.

This is something Vickie de Beer found after being introduced to The Real Meal Revolution, and she became a total zealot. Following the low carb high fat (LCHF) lifestyle was made even harder by the fact that her young son Luca is a type 1 diabetic. She had to ask herself, “How can I cut all the carbs from our diet if Luca is on a carb-counting regime because he needs insulin to survive?”

De Beer, a renowned food writer, started doing a lot of research, drawing from academic as well as social spheres. She made contact with a group in the USA that successfully follows a low-carb high-protein diet to manage blood glucose levels in type 1 diabetic children. This led her to a book titled Dr Bernstein’s Diabetic Solution, which would become the base of their family’s diet as well as this 2015 Sunday Times Food Weekly Cookbook Award-winning book of delicious recipes.

The Low Carb Solution for Diabetics is both a revolutionary living plan and a cookbook, offering hope to families coping with diabetes in the form of the ultimate reference book. De Beer not only shares her personal journey in managing this disease as a mother, but makes the medical facts attached to it accessible and easily understandable. The beautifully illustrated book was written in conjunction with Kath Megaw, South Africa’s leading paediatrician and author of Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children.

Vickie de BeerAt the launch, celebrated at the Leopard’s Leap harvest table with a cooking demonstration by De Beer, Megaw said that the idea of a low carb diet for diabetics shook everything the has been taught about diabetes. However, she is finding that more and more parents opt for this lifestyle and, looking at the immensely healthy impact it has on diabetics’ lives, she can fully understand why.

Anxiety plays a big role in a diabetic’s daily living, with stress related to fixing the highs and lows that are such a big part of the disease. “Young children live with this fear that anything can go wrong at any moment,” De Beer said, explaining how the low carb solution changed this fact for her family. Following this regime has allowed her son to function like a normal boy, giving him the freedom to go camping and do sleepovers and join in the fun at birthday parties.

Each recipe comes with measurements in grams and millilitres, and provides you with all the nutritional information you need to know. Together with Megaw, De Beer has created a green list with foods that are high in protein and low in carbs which will not affect blood sugar significantly as the glucose release will be steady and slow; the red list contains foods that are toxic or dangerous for diabetics and should be avoided if not restricted. These lists make shopping much easier as you can simply take them with you at the start until you memorise the food items.

The food philosophy shared in The Low Carb Solution for Diabetics is simple:

  • Cook and eat a low carb, high protein diet
  • Avoid processed or pre-made food because you do not know what’s in it
  • Cook from scratch and use natural flavourings – no packages or pre-mixes!
  • Don’t buy takeaways
  • Choose fibrous veggies
  • Limit snacks and fizzy drinks
  • Bake all breads, wraps and pizza bases yourself

“For us, the one thing that made this whole low carb thing possible, the moment when I thought, ‘okay, I can do this’, was when I started using this bread roll recipe,” De Beer said before demonstrating her recipe for the most amazing low carb buns. Her family gets together every weekend, usually on a Saturday, to do all the baking for the week to come. You can keep them in the fridge and heat the ones you want to use in the oven to give them a delicious crispy shell. The secret to this recipe is to use boiling water, not hot water, to activate the psyllium husks, and not to double the ingredients for bigger batches. Rather make the recipe, which is enough for 10 buns, twice.

Other recipes you can look forward to include nachos, wraps, pizzas, soups, ice cream, cakes, pasta dishes and many more delicious dishes that your kids will love without compromising their health.

What are you waiting for, go out and get your copy of The Low Carb Solution for Diabetics and try these recipes for yourself (you can find the buns on page 115).

Low Carb Buns


* * * * * * *

Helené Prinsloo (@helenayp) tweeted live from the launch using the hashtag #livebooks:

* * * * * * *


Facebook gallery


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Introducing the First Book from Fevertree, a New Imprint of Quivertree Publications

Introducing Fevertree, a New Imprint of Quivertree Publications

Be A HeroQuivertree Publications is proud to announced its first Fevertree title, Be a Hero: Lessons For Living A Heroic Life, by Alan Knott-Craig with Craig Rivett:

Life is hard and times are tough, but don’t panic! All you need to do is be a hero – and you have in your hands the book that will help you do just that.

By distilling the wisdom of many heroes (both past and present) in the form of rules, guides, cartoons and quotes, this book will:

  • Teach you to fail with aplomb and laugh at yourself while doing so
  • Remind you that your family should be your first priority
  • Show you how to learn to listen, and learn to learn
  • Demonstrate how courtesy and respect can get you the results you want
  • Give you the power to make courageous decisions that will inspire others

Nowadays it feels that there’s something wrong with being a hero, acting heroically and celebrating heroes. It seems there are no more noble heroes, no more role models. But it wasn’t always this way.

The ancient Greek philosopher, Plutarch, believed that having heroic role models was the most important goal of society.

This book tries to distil the wisdom of many heroes of the past and present in the form of rules, guides, letters and quotes. With advice from the likes of Socrates, Winston Churchill, Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama and Yoda, you will soon be a hero.

Whether you’re looking to get a job, take your career to the next level, start a business, or simply become a better person, this read can nudge you in the right direction.

So, what are you waiting for?

Be a Hero!

A treasure trove of insight, wisdom and wit. Read it slowly, think about it, then read it again. You will find what you are looking for.Michael Jordaan, Former CEO of First National Bank

About the authors

Alan Knott-Craig is a highly successful businessman, social entrepreneur and the author of four previous books. He is also a popular motivational speaker.

He has established several companies specialising in digital communication, and was CEO of Mxit after acquiring it in 2011.

His first book, Don’t Panic, became an instant bestseller in South African. He released the follow-up, Really, Don’t Panic, in 2014.

Alan was named as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2009. Forbes listed him as one of the top 10 young African millionaires to watch.

Craig Rivett is an economist turned entrepreneur. He has helped launch numerous startups. He is currently the CEO of Happimo, a non-profit organisation.

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