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‘You don’t need a lightsaber to be a hero’ – Alan Knott-Craig chats about his latest book

Introducing Fevertree, a New Imprint of Quivertree Publications

Be A HeroAlan Knott-Craig was a guest of Bruce Whitfield on The Money Show on Talk Radio 702 last night, chatting about his new book, Be A Hero: Lessons For Living A Heroic Life.

Knott-Craig is a highly successful businessman, social entrepreneur and the author of four previous books. His latest book is the first to be published by Fevertree, the new imprint of Quivertree Publications.

Whitfield asks Knott-Craig to define what a hero is.

“George Lucas, the guy who created Star Wars, said you don’t need a spaceship and a lightsaber to be a hero,” Knott-Craig says. “You just have to help someone.”

“Anyone who is helping somebody else is a hero.”

Listen to the podcast:


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“We Wanted Our Boy to Have a Normal Childhood” – Why Vickie de Beer Chose Low-Carb for Her Diabetic Son

The Low-Carb Solution For DiabeticsVickie de Beer was recently featured on OFM’s Mommy Matters radio show to speak about her book The Low-Carb Solution For Diabetics, which she co-authored with paediatric dietitian Kath Megaw.

In the podcast, De Beer explains the motivation for the lifestyle change after her son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes: “We wanted our boy to have a normal childhood; as normal as is possible with this life-threatening disease hanging over him.”

De Beer goes on to explain some of the challenges her 14-year-old son experiences as a result of his diabetes. She says the “lows and highs” in his blood sugar are related to fluctuations in his anxiety, which is a big concern as he navigates ordinary teenage stresses. Changing to a low-carb diet, she says, has “cut out one of the biggest factors that make the sugar unstable”, making parenting easier to manage.

Listen to the podcast:


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Podcast: Vickie de Beer Shares How She Realised Her Son Has Type 1 Diabetes and the Lifestyle Changes that Ensued

The Low-Carb Solution For DiabeticsVickie de Beer joined OFM presenter Isabel Potgieter on her Mommy Matters show to talk about the personal journey that inspired The Low-Carb Solution For Diabetics which, earlier this year, won the title 2015 Sunday Times Food Weekly Cookbook of the year.

De Beer shares how they figured out their young son had diabetes, revealing the symptoms he showed, and the adjustments their family had to make to help him live with the disease. Most importantly, she shares how they had to realise and accept that type 1 diabetes is a lifelong disease which would be with her son, Luca, and their family for the rest of their lives. Making peace with this helped them transition into a healthy, sustainable lifestyle which she captured in her book.

De Beer wrote this award-winning book with South Africa’s leading paediatrician, Kath Megaw.

Listen to the podcast:

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“The Way the Caveman would Eat” – Kath Megaw Outlines the Benefits of an Unprocessed Diet (Podcast)

Real Food - Healthy, Happy ChildrenKath Megaw was recently interviewed on Fine Music Radio about Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children, which she wrote with Daisy Jones, Phillippa Cheifitz and Jane-Anne Hobbs.

In the interview, Megaw answers the question, “What’s wrong with high carb, what’s right with high fat?” She says that our food has become very processed: “We’ve been processing by adding extra sugars and extra carbs and processing by removing good healthy fats, which has removed good nutrients.”

Megaw’s aim with Real Food is to move towards a diet filled with unprocessed foods. She speaks about the multiple benefits of eating “the way the caveman would eat”.

Listen to the podcast:


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Listen to the Peter Goffe-Wood Show, with Food, Restaurant and Gadget Reviews (Podcast)

A Life DigestedPete Goffe-Wood, MasterChef SA judge and author of A Life Digested, was recently featured on 2oceansvibe Radio for his very own The Peter Goffe-Wood Show.

In the podcast, Goffe-Wood speaks with Abstract Aimee about food and dining. He also samples and rates dishes from an amateur foodie and a pair of restaurateurs.

Goffe-Wood goes on to share tips for home cooks – his best advice is to not take things to seriously. He says, “Simple food is the most difficult to make, because there is nowhere to hide.” The secret, he says, is in attention to detail and passion – “it’s the love, you can taste it”.

The chef goes on to review a fabulous gadget for aerating wine.

Listen to the podcast:


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“I Feel We Have Failed the Young People”: Melanie Verwoerd on 21 at 21: The Coming of Age of a Nation (Podcast)

21 at 21Earlier this year Melanie Verwoerd was the first guest on the inaugural Inspiration Wednesday show on CapeTalk where she spoke to Pippa Hudson about being related by marriage to the architect of apartheid and why she kept the surname after her divorce to Wilhelm.

The author of 21 at 21: The Coming of Age of a Nation became politically conscious at university in the mid-80s when she went abroad to visit Wilhelm and was introduced to a group of exiles who showed her the real South Africa.

In the early 90s Verwoerd met Nelson Mandela, who told her and Wilhelm that they could see their surname as a curse or decide to use it to do good. It was at this point that they joined the ANC and suffered the personal consequences of being rejected by the family. They also landed on the hit list of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB).

Verwoerd has tried to do good ever since. About her book, co-written with Sonwabiso Ngcowa, she says: “I feel we have failed the young people … it wasn’t what we wanted the country to look like 21 years on.”

Listen to the podcast:

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Podcast: Kath Megaw Talks about the Ketogenic Diet and Her Book, Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children

Real Food - Healthy, Happy ChildrenThe pediatric dietitian Kath Megaw recently spoke to Pippa Hudson about her new book Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children, co-authored with Daisy Jones, Phillippa Cheifitz and Jane-Anne Hobbs.

Megaw says it took her about a year or two to change her family over from a highly refined, processed food diet to a healthier “real food” way of eating. She’s been working with the Ketogenic Diet since 1999 (a diet that is high is fat and protein), so she wasn’t scared of removing carbohydrates from children’s diets and finding alternative sources of energy.

In the interview, Megaw reflects on the success she’s achieved with diabetic children as well as her own teenage daughter, a ballerina who now eats healthy, natural food.

“Every change needs to be sustainable,” she says.

Real Food – Healthy, Happy Children contains easy-to-prepare recipes that are also easy on the wallet.

Listen to the podcast for Megaw’s tips on healthy eating habits:

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“Remember Before Forced Removals” – Euodia Samson Takes the LCHF Lifestyle to the Cape Flats (Podcast)

The Real Meal RevolutionDie kosrevolusieJohn Maytham recently spoke to Euodia Samson, a Cape Town-based actress who is taking the LCHF diet to the Cape Flats, on his radio show on CapeTalk.

Samson tells Maytham about why she decided to why she decided to share the diet in The Real Meal Revolution (Afrikaans: Die kosrevolusie) to Ocean View. She says experienced great results personally, and thought that the diet would benefit women in the area.

As an ambassador for the LCHF lifestyle, Samson says she was determined to learn the science and research about the diet for herself. During this process, something struck her “like a bolt out of the heavens”. She realised that this is “the way we ate 50 years ago!” Sharing this “lightbulb moment” makes it easy to share the diet with Cape Flats communities.

“I say to the older ladies: ‘Remember, before supermarkets, before fast food, before margarine with the little heart stamp – before forced removals – how your grannies used to have chickens and pigs and grow vegetables,” she said.

“And they go and dig out their grannies’ recipe books and it’s all there. They used to cook in animal fat. They even had melktert made with lard and suet. And because it was animal fat, you needed only one small slice and you were full.”

Listen to the podcast:


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21 at 21 Author Sonwabiso Ngcowa Shares How He Interviewed a Boy Who Wanted to Take His Life

21 at 21Melanie Verwoerd and Sonwabiso Ngcowa visited Nancy Richards in the SAfm Literature studio recently to discuss their book, 21 at 21: The Coming of Age of a Nation.

To mark the “coming of age” of South Africa – 21 years after democracy – Verwoerd and Ngcowa travelled across the country collecting the life stories of “born frees”; people born in 1994.

The resulting narratives are funny and hopeful, but also challenging and distressing.

Ngcowa explained how the process of collecting the stories worked, and said they did not have any problems finding willing participants.

“Young people want to share their stories,” he said. “They want to have their voices heard. There wasn’t one person who said, ‘no, you can’t talk to me’.”

He adds, however, that there was a trust-building process, and shares how he interviewed a young man who had tried to commit suicide a few days previously: “That was one of the most difficult interviews I have done. But he was forthcoming and wanted to share his story.

“It made me ask myself questions about myself and the South Africa that we are living in. What has this place done to the psyche of a young person of 21 that they are wanting to take their life?”

Listen to the podcast:

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Presenting The Peter Goffe-Wood Show on 2oceansvibe Radio (Podcast)

A Life DigestedFans of Peter Goffe-Wood – author of A Life Digested and one of South Africa’s best-loved food personalities – can now look forward to having even more of him as he launches his own radio show on 2oceansvibe Radio, the web radio station driven by 2oceansvibe News.

The programme, titled The Peter Goffe-Wood Show, will take on the form of a food and wine critique show. Aired on the first Wednesday of every month, from 2:30 to 3:30 PM, Goffe-Wood will invite listeners to bring their home-cooked meals in for a tasting and review. He will share more about global food and kitchen trends.

The show will be hosted by Aimee Eveleigh as part of her #WhatTheFoodShow segment. Be sure to tune in for the first edition tomorrow by heading to the 2oceansvibe Radio website and clicking on the Listen Live! tab.

Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect on The Peter Goffe-Wood Show:


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